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Magic Mushrooms – Trinity




Trinity Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Trinity) is a new strain developed by mycologists at Magic Myco. The enthusiastic team at Magic Myco created a very stable and potent hybrid of the Penis Envy strain and Aztec God and then crossed it again with another heavy hitter Tidal Wave. Magic Myco was the first ever team to win the Psilocybin Cup in Oakland, California, we can be sure their work in mycology is legitimate. The crossing of these three very potent strain results in a very potent and reliable mushroom.

Expect classic magic mushroom experience, depending on the dosage you take you may find your surrounding funny and entertaining to a higher dose which will take you deep inside your mind. Always remember set and setting is very important for every magic mushroom experience.

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2 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Trinity

  1. Jane Bing

    Use this for micro dosing and gets me to a pretty good place and happy mood. Will def buy again when i run out!

  2. Pow

    Super chill trip, loved dipping shrooms in chocolate fondue. Usually take about 4g to get me going, lasted about 2 hours after having a good meal. I’d recommend!

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