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Magic Mushrooms – Trinity



Dosing Chart
0.1-0.2 grams = Microdose (2-4 Hours)
1-2 grams = Regular Dosage (3-6 Hours)
3.5-5 grams = Macrodose (12-24 Hours)
5 grams+ = Heroic Dosage (24-48 Hours)
*Effects will vary per user

Trinity magic mushrooms, created by the award-winning mycologists at Magic Myco, boast a short but impactful history. Formed through intricate crosses involving Penis Envy, Aztec God, and Tidal Wave, Trinity gained instant popularity upon its introduction to the market.

Characterized by a phallic appearance with golden caps, Trinity mushrooms display vibrant colors when fresh and may develop blue bruises during handling—natural and harmless. Known for potent visuals even at lower doses, Trinity offers a clear-headed experience, fostering creativity and euphoria distinct from other strains.

Perfect for recreational use, Trinity enhances outdoor adventures or creative pursuits at home. Users should dose carefully due to its potency, avoiding activities like driving. Adequate preparation with supplies is crucial, considering the extended duration of the trip. Embark on a memorable journey with Trinity magic mushrooms.

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20 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Trinity

  1. Jane Bing

    Use this for micro dosing and gets me to a pretty good place and happy mood. Will def buy again when i run out!

  2. Pow

    Super chill trip, loved dipping shrooms in chocolate fondue. Usually take about 4g to get me going, lasted about 2 hours after having a good meal. I’d recommend!

  3. Asher Hamilton

    Good stem to cap ratio. I remember getting super giggly and happy, I usually take a bit to get started and increase my dose throughout the night.

  4. McDonk

    Love these, good happy buzz, micro dosing these makes the world a better place!

  5. Spectre

    Smooth buzz and hit me great 10/10 trip

  6. Abby Green

    Smooth buzz 5/5

  7. micheal

    10/10 trip 10/10 taste 10/10 shrooms

  8. Olivia

    Girlfriends and I couldn’t stop giggling after the first few minutes on this

  9. thekushkingdom

    ive never been more entertained by a roll of toilet paper than i was when i took this

  10. milo80829

    start off with a little because u dont need too much to get high

  11. connor wong

    i love using this one to start off my weekend

  12. juno lee

    u guys got this in the bag

  13. Bankai-202 (verified owner)

    très bon, je le conseil

  14. terrinblaze

    a pretty reliable strain u can always count on to get u high

  15. Noah Hill

    I’ve discovered a whole new level of relaxation with this shroom.

  16. Rizzisipi

    u guys got my heart

  17. Army

    Oh baby, this is making me melt

  18. Bloody flickle

    After being exposed to the world of WTF I can’t go anywhere else

  19. Beckynextdoor

    my boy convinced me to get this and shit am i glad he did

  20. Muncher

    So glad I landed on WTF

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