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Magic Mushrooms – Hillbilly


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Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms are a variety all the way from Arkansas. This particularly potent magic mushroom will have you grinning ear to ear for quite awhile. Yee-Haw, time to take a trip y’all!

For most people, the world appears distorted when they take mushrooms. Colours, sounds, objects and even time can all seem very different.

Some people get mild hallucinations, which are also called ‘visuals’.

Taking mushrooms can make you feel:

  • very giggly
  • constant smiling
  • euphoric
  • in awe of the people and things around you
  • spiritual
  • energised
  • excited
  • introspective

How you feel will be affected by how much you take, your surroundings, who you’re with and how comfortable you are with them, as well as by your mood.

3 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Hillbilly

  1. Chuck

    Don’t sleep on these shrooms they’re amazing and won’t last long.

  2. Ryan McChesney (verified owner)

    Okay I haven’t had shrooms in 15 years or so . I figured id give these a try so i bought 14grams.
    Last night me and my wife tested these out I started with 1.5 and she had 1g. Nadda ,nothen didnt get anything from these.
    Very disappointment, maybe I just didnt take enough I dont know.
    I guess ill try 3grams tonight see what happens.

  3. Kdipizzo

    Healing moments 10/10

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