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Mix and Match – 28g Caviar


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What Is Caviar?

Caviar is a concentrate blend of half diamond shards and half terpenes sauce mixed together to create an even concoction that is very potent while keeping a rich taste of the strain that it was created from.

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3 reviews for Mix and Match – 28g Caviar

  1. Chuck

    Dabs for days on this site, wtfcannabis.co is beyond a trustworthy site and they’re amazing. Dutch treat is an amazing strain that has an even more amazing flavor.


    These were not the pictures up when I ordered. Feeling a bit out of pocket with this purchase so figured I would leave a review for others. Not sure this is properly priced. Ive had caviar from others and from past experiences it has never contained 80-90 percent sauce. Very very runny, buyer beware.

  3. Kdipizzo

    More saucy then diamonds but it’ll get you ripped, smells strange but taste decent on the exhale

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