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MK Ultra by Le Chef


Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Pine | Sweet | Woody
Medical Usage: Arthritis | Chronic Pain |Depression | Insomnia | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 28%+ Highest

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MK Ultra is an Indica dominant medicinal marijuana strain that has ultra-strong cerebral effects. This was created through crossing OG Kush x G-13 strains with TH seeds. It is an indoor plant with an average yield and a short height. It has a leafy appearance that is green in color with hues of brown and orange. It has a THC level of 18 percent. It has a pungent flavor that is a blend of skunk and earthy tastes. MK Ultra is an incredibly hard-hitting strain with a strong and strange odor. It is well-known for its hypnotic powers that immediately affect your system. It can help you relax the entire day as it instantly calms your nerves and makes you feel drowsy. MK Ultra is mainly used for treating different kinds of pains and provides relief from mild to chronic pains conveniently. It is also used to treat stress and anxiety as it has a calming effect on strained nerves. MK Ultra can also be employed for curing insomnia, anxiety and a loss of appetite. It stimulates your appetite and makes you feel hungry quickly. The side effects of this strain mainly include having a dry mouth. You can also get dry eyes, dizziness and headaches by using this strain.

22 reviews for MK Ultra by Le Chef

  1. 19SaiyanDoggo

    Sticky, so good for rolling and good buzz.

  2. saintmat

    1 of the best of the best strain out there. Highly recommend!

  3. FurkanAgent

    Love This Flower. Nice Smell And Sweet Taste 🙂

  4. cr7

    Really good strain. Love it. Highly recommend to others.

  5. Samuel Johnston

    I loved this strain so much!! I didn’t get much of it it since I had never tried it before, but man it was great! Made my girl and I super giggly and talkative, absolutely enjoyed the experience.

  6. Paul Lloyd

    This is the one. The one that has it all. Like orange juice in the morning.Tastes great and hits hard.

  7. Zac Reid

    As a Sativa dominant, it keeps me energized, in a cerebral way, while not giving any jitters. I find it to be very tasty with a long lasting high.

  8. Isaiah Mann

    first time trying and my first impression is nice and dense nugs, good flavor, and also nice energizing effect.

  9. Dorian Zillmer

    Very relaxing buzz, best enjoyed if you don’t have anything on your to-do list that needs getting done

  10. Jake Decker

    Loving the high hits of this strain

  11. Frostymugger

    Taste and smells like strawberriez. If you like any fruity and high THC bud with quality that reaches beyond 5star

  12. Jake Provost

    In my opinion this is the best sativa strain to get you moving!l House has never been so clean ?

  13. OldChef

    racey, speedy pot,…..almost too much, better not smoke some and expect to sit still or have deep thoughts, LOL

  14. Colette Harmon

    Mellow onset. Great for relaxing and sticking to the couch.

  15. August Sanders

    After partaking of this pungent herb you likely won’t feel insane energy or be thinking scattered, crazy thoughts. Instead, if you’re at all like me, you’ll feel rejuvenated and focused on the tasks ahead of you.

  16. Jessie Roberts

    Definitely a bedtime snack for me. Had a bowl, grabbed a small glass of wine and curled up by the fire. Sooo relaxing. A peaceful night sleep is headed my way

  17. Brian M

    This is insanely delicious, not even for something you smoke but in general such a nice sweet flavour.

  18. Archie Kin

    If you need a creative spark, this will for sure help you get that.

  19. Anton Giles

    Burns really well and goes down smoothly had a great time.

  20. SonTungmtp

    Great strain.

  21. Renard

    Most of all the reviews for strawberry amnesia have been placed under MK-ultra…it doesnt look pro guys.

  22. ralphwiggum (verified owner)

    Do not skip on this! The price is 9.99 for a reason. White ash, nice and sticky yet burns great! Has a massive head hit.

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