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Pop Rox


Bud Size: Small
Strain Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Sour | Pine | Sweet
Medical Usage: Pain | Anxiety | Stress | Mood Swings | Insomnia
THC Content: 20% Highest

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Pop Rox is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to breeder secrecy. Not too much is known about this bud other than its highly addictive flavour that is said to be just like a fruity pack of your favourite childhood candy, Pop Rocks! The smell isn’t too bad either – fresh tangy fruits mixed with rich spiciness and sweet earth can be detected as you break apart each tiny super dense dusty green nug. The high comes on almost immediately after you exhale, hitting you first in the head with a punch of clear-headed effects. As your mental clarity and sense of focus increases, you’ll be filled with a sense of creativity that can be pretty tingly and arousing at times. Thanks to these effects and its medium THC level, Pop Rox is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as mood swings, chronic stress, eye pressure, and insomnia.

29 reviews for Pop Rox

  1. demonkeeperQC (verified owner)

    WoW!! I’m impressed! 70 bucks for this amazin stuff! Gotta be a mistake this pop rox aint no AA i would rate it a solid AAA+. Smell and taste fruity from the first hit till the last hit. Nice buds, size and color, ashe is white, clean smoke. 9/10

  2. Devan Kothlow (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this one wow I thought it was a mistake getting this quality for the price.

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    Very Nice

  4. Dezhe (verified owner)

    I have to agree with the others. VERY pleased with the quality and effects from this strain!

  5. Melipop88 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed!!!!!! I love the high!!!!

  6. JMacK (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  7. Poulin774 (verified owner)

    the taste and smell is not as described at all no fruity or candy….but very nice nugz for the price and trich coated. great high tho

  8. alexpowerQc (verified owner)

    Very nice nug quite dense with a nice smell a lil sticky For The Price Its a HomeRun For Sure burn quite clean ( Salt and pepper)

    Tres Jolie Fleur assé Dense Avec une Arome Fraiche au Léger Ton Sucré … Brule Quand meme bien avec pour Résultat une cendre Poivre et Sel Pour le Prix Honnetement Coup de Circuit !

  9. Sydney Mcdonalds

    I can’t get over the aroma. It’s so addicting.

  10. BingChilling

    This is some beautiful weed

  11. Rob

    The last batch of atf was not near as good as other times!!!

  12. Cassie Greene

    Love this strain…very nice strong high dat hits you quick and last for a long time.

  13. Gavin Lester

    Definitely fire!!! Top 5 in my opinion.

  14. E420

    Received freebie on my last purchase looks tremendous can’t wait to try it ! 🙂

  15. Xavier True

    Got super stoned and i loved every part of it lol

  16. Dom K

    love this strain, super chilled out . It was really needed

  17. Sameer A

    If you’re in the mood to do some cleaning or house chores or even clean up the damn garage, this will give you the motivation and creative focus to rearrange a few things, I did that lol

  18. Mimosa

    This strain was very impressive! The smell was amazing, really fruity and the high was good.

  19. Emily R

    Nugs are a bit smaller than I’m use to but it gives you one heck of a high

  20. Gae Romez

    Have trouble focusing on things saw that this may give me some motivation and it did 11/10 would recommend to others too

  21. Vera Cortez

    Took this before cleaning my house and I was never more zoned in

  22. weedlover

    i smoke this to focus

  23. smoke weed everyday

    no more tossing and turning in bed with this

  24. austin m

    gave me an unforgettable high

  25. O. Perez

    It looks small in the picture but you get more than you see

  26. cookiemonster

    a super dense little green nuggie

  27. Ink64320

    Enjoyed the sour touch

  28. Lila Young

    As time passes the last couple exhales will hit and you’ll be curled up in bed just like me

  29. james lu

    Has a pretty nice Sativa kick within the Indica dominant strain

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