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Seeds – Lady Tremaine by Le Chef



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Parents: MK Ultra x Cinderella 99 F2
MK Ultra – G-13 x OG Kush – TH Seeds
Cinderella 99 F2 – Princess x P94 – Brother Grimm
Type: Regular Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 65-70 days
Size: Small-Medium

Each Purchase comes with 12 seeds
*Every order of Le Chef’s seeds include a complimentary seed pack! (While quantities last)

An interesting mix of OG gas and some tropical fruit results in a cross that has some short phenos without much stretch in flowering (like the c99) and an interesting mix of terps. A short stature, nice variety of Gassy, fruity and even candy pheno, from pale green to dark purple, lots of interesting possibilities. Both parents were not the easiest to grow compared to most plants, but if you treat it right it should reward you with some keepers.


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