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Seeds – Hypnosis by Le Chef



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Parents: Mk Ultra X Field Trip
Mk Ultra – OG Kush x G-13
Field Trip – GSC (forum cut) x Sunshine Daydream
Type: Regular Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 65-72 days
Size: Medium/Tall

Each Purchase comes with 12 seeds
*Every order of Le Chef’s seeds include a complimentary seed pack! (While quantities last)

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This one had been brewing in Le Chef’s mind for a while… He’s held on to this amazing MK Ultra pheno he hunted back in 2020, it’s been his favourite smoke since. Gassy strong smell and taste, with hints of coffee and grape. A strong high that will put most on the couch. On a mission to cross his two favourite strains in recent years, he popped the rest of his Field Trip (Girl Scout Cookies forum cut x Sunshine Daydream by Bodhi) pack hoping for a nice male, and got more than he expected, with one of the thickest hollow stems he’s seen, and incredible vigor. MK Ultra isn’t as good looking as some, but makes up for it with the high and terps.

Hypnosis has some of the MK traits and vigor, but with a little twist. Field Trip adds a little frost to the party, and some interesting notes in the mix.

1 review for Seeds – Hypnosis by Le Chef

  1. Haley

    Should start off with this one it’s a good one

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