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Seeds – Trench Town Skunk F2 by Le Chef



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Parents: Lambsread (Marley family cut) x Jamaican Skunk
Lambsread (Marley family cut)
Type: Regular Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 65-80 days
Size: Tall

Each Purchase comes with 12 seeds
*Every order of Le Chef’s seeds include a complimentary seed pack! (While quantities last)

Trench Town Skunk is the work of Le Chef’s friend Island876, who was lucky enough to have a Lambsbread cut directly from the Marley Family in Jamaica. He chose his favourite Jamaican Skunk Male to preserve this mythic strain, and give it even more stank. The result was Trench Town Skunk, an amazing plant with amazing vigor, big tight colas, strong branching, and with a very pungent and particular odour and taste that is hard to describe. Flowered early its manageable in a tent. The male was a nice strong medium sized stud with thick side branching. The female was a strong and vigorous stinky one, with nice big colas and tight nugs for a sativa. Some nice purple late into flower. The Mom was a 80-84 day finisher and flowered 30 days from seed. This is a very unique plant; you just cant stop looking and smelling.

Flowered around 30-40 days from seeds these are easily manageable inside and get you that sweet sativa high, with some nice chunk and decent flower time. Cheesy, skunky, rancid, body odor…The terps are hard to describe, but you just go back to it. Surprisingly some phenos finish earlier than expected. Grown outdoor you can expect monster sized plant


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