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Slimer Shake – 28 Grams



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We have saved all of the shake/trim from our operation and are offering it to you at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Each bag will vary and you may find some small nugs mixed in with your shake/trim. We take the time to pick out most of the stems (some may still remain).

May Contain Stems, Trim, small Nugs, and Seeds or be a bit dry.

Step into a world of creative euphoria with Slimer, the extraordinary indica-dominant hybrid born from the union of Ghost OG and White Fire Alien OG. With THC levels soaring between 15% to a jaw-dropping 22%, this strain is not your average bud.

Picture this: a gradual, gentle euphoria that washes over you, cradling your mind in a state of tranquil bliss. As the mental fog lifts, your creativity bursts forth like a supernova, sending your imagination on a cosmic journey.

Slimer’s effects are a harmonious blend of a stoney euphoria and a deep, soothing body relaxation. While your thoughts spark with artistic brilliance, a calming physical high keeps you anchored, ensuring your journey is as serene as it is inspired.

But Slimer isn’t just about unlocking creativity; it’s a versatile healer too. From appetite loss and depression to cramps, chronic pain, and headaches, Slimer steps up as your trusted companion on the path to wellness.

Savour Slimer’s earthy floral kush flavour with its sweet exhale, and relish its slightly pungent, skunky aroma adorned with sweet florals and earthy undertones. It’s no wonder Slimer has earned the admiration of many. So, why wait? Let Slimer be your muse and your remedy, elevating your mind and soothing your soul.

8 reviews for Slimer Shake – 28 Grams

  1. John1337 (verified owner)

    Decent stuff great for its purpose!

  2. dave (verified owner)

    decent stuff for the cost

  3. Frosty-Nugz (verified owner)

    so happy I bought a p of this. unfortunately my bag was short an oz but the customer service rep is helping me out. great stuff for the price. once again wtf you have made me happy.

  4. RosehipCaper (verified owner)

    Great Shake, Had a few Buds. Brownies GOT ME REALLY FU#$ED UP.

  5. Holly (verified owner)

    The Slimer Shake Was Great For Treating Pain,I Would Purchase This Product Again,Thank You WTF Cannabis For The Excellent Service And Product!1 :0)

  6. gameprogirl (verified owner)

    Decent shake. Good for cooking edibles. Not great for smoking.

  7. Devin Bayley (verified owner)

    Great packaging, and arrived way quicker then I thought. It looks like it will make a great batch of oil! Bought an oz to see if it was good or not, and it’s way better then I expected so I’ll for sure be getting more for my edibles!

  8. CPicard4Life (verified owner)

    Very little stem, nice packaging, and found quite a few small nugs which are always a pleasant treat to discover🌻 great smoke all on it’s own as well

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