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Tangie Shake


*We at WTF Cannabis strive to source our patients the best quality medicine at the most affordable prices. With this said please understand that this product will not be AA medicine. These low cost options are to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of financial status, have access to affordable medicine.

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May Contain Stems, Trim, small Nugs, and Seeds or be a bit dry.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Think of Tangie as a variation on a theme. It’s basically a reworking of Tangerine Dream, but with different genetics. Tangie is a cross of California Orange, an even sativa/indica hybrid, and a Skunk strain, while Tangerine Dream is a combo of A5 and the legendary G-13. Though they don’t share many genes, the two Tangerines share a strong, sweet flavour reminiscent of tangerines and other citrus fruits. Tangie is sativa-heavy, and though the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unclear, it’s probably at least 70:30. That means an uplifting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, plus a focused boost of happiness. It’s good for treating several disorders, though specifics are hard to come by: nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, and depression. The only widely reported problems are bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, so this may be a good choice for patients sensitive to side effects. Maximum THC levels of more than 22% make this a potent choice for patients who have been smoking marijuana for some time; it may be overpowering for first-timers. Look for Tangie in Colorado and Arizona, and on the West Coast.

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28 grams – $19.99, Quarter Pound – $79.99, Half Pound – $149.99, One Pound – $249.99

9 reviews for Tangie Shake

  1. Frosty-Nugz

    probably my favourite shake ive gotten to date. got one oz to smoke out of my vape and its not bad at all. well worth the price tag. thanks wtf

  2. Devin Bayley

    Great shake! Had a few very small popcorn buds. Definitely more than worth the $20/oz

  3. Kdipizzo

    Worth it

  4. tc12

    I used it for butter and it worked well. The 20 dollar price tag is more than fair.

  5. gameprogirl

    Not as good as other shake options on here. I found it to be quite grassy and kinda weak.

  6. Matthew Melindy

    Definitely A strain but if you smoke enough it’ll definitely get you quite high. I’m grateful they did pick through most of the stems because it didn’t take nearly half as long to sift through in comparison to shake on other sites. Well worth the $20

  7. Rachel Cormier

    It does the trick!!

  8. Jacob Friesen

    Shake was pretty dry, looks exactly like the picture, not to bad to smoke but I think if made into edibles it would be better, but definitely a good bang for your buck

  9. Juste_bob

    Really good taste and smell the best shake/trims I got for now

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