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So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Thin Mint Cookies Cartridge



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1ml Cartridge
Standard 510 threading
Vaporizer NOT included

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So High Cartridge 1ML THC – Thin Mint Cookies

Savour the exceptional and delicious experience of So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Thin Mint Cookies Cartridge. This top-quality vape cartridge delivers the balanced and soothing effects of Thin Mint Cookies, a hybrid strain renowned for its unique high and delightful flavour profile.

Thin Mint Cookies (Hybrid) Flavour
Thin Mint Cookies is celebrated for its minty flavour with sweet cookie notes. The rich, aromatic essence of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies provides a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, perfect for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Premium Quality and Compatibility
So High Extracts ensures the highest quality by using superior extraction methods to produce a pure and potent THC oil. Each 1ML cartridge contains a full gram of this premium extract, delivering consistent and effective results with every puff. The cartridge features standard 510 threading, making it compatible with most reusable vape pens on the market. This ensures ease of use and flexibility for your vaping needs.

Key Features:
– 1ML Cartridge: Each package contains a 1ML cartridge filled with premium THC extract, providing a potent and long-lasting experience.
– Standard 510 Threading: Compatible with most reusable vape pens, offering convenience and versatility.
– Hybrid Effects: Thin Mint Cookies’ hybrid effects provide a balanced high, offering relaxation and a euphoric lift.

Why Choose So High Extracts Premium Vape?
So High Extracts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality vaping experience. Our Thin Mint Cookies cartridge stands out for its purity, potency, and exceptional flavor. Whether you need to unwind after a long day, elevate your mood, or simply enjoy a premium vaping experience, So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Thin Mint Cookies Cartridge is your perfect choice.

Elevate your vape collection with So High Extracts Premium Vape and enjoy the unparalleled benefits and flavor of Thin Mint Cookies. Order now and indulge in the finest quality THC vape cartridge available.

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27 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Thin Mint Cookies Cartridge

  1. iamthebest01

    As the brand name suggests, these will get you rocked. Worked better than other brands IMO I definitely liked the sweet minty flavour better than the fruity ones

  2. Guap Nasty

    This stuff has such a nice taste to it and hits you hard. Highly recommend to try these carts!!

  3. Darren Hochskin

    Add some drops of this to your morning hits and you will be awakened with the greatest vibe

  4. Vicky

    super clean and fruity taste. high is great and price is even better.

  5. Gokooo

    tried almost every strain from so high product and like every single one of them. just pick and choose depends on the mood.

  6. Luka millka

    great distillate for my vape and also my baking goods… i love it

  7. Martha Roberts

    This was incredible! I ordered a ton of this because of the dope sale! Thanks WTF for the hook up

  8. CrunchWrapSupreme

    good ass high

  9. super tuna

    i love this almost as much as i love jin from bts

  10. kpdre (verified owner)

    best Carts ever reminds me of Christmas hahaha

  11. WatashiWonder

    Screw getting my stuff anywhere else! I will only be buying my products from WTF. I’ve bought a few things from here, here and there but I recently tried this one and this changed my life. I have been feeling my best ever since the high I got from this.


    watch me buy the entire stock someday

  13. Grandma Kisser

    my god ill do anything for this one

  14. behmax

    this has a sweet minty flavour to it that i can’t get anywhere else. i know some people arent a huge fan of mint but i personally love it more than any other flavours. i’ve tried a few other pens but this will stay as one of my favourites

  15. Craig West

    Some people don’t like mint but I love it!

  16. mateo63

    i think i gota send a bouqet of thank u flowers to my friend who showed me wtf

  17. bobadaddy

    slowly trying all of them and right now this is my fav

  18. Catbear

    Loved my order it came so quick!

  19. Ironcrab

    My top 1 place to order from.

  20. Tanjiro the first

    I felt like i was levitating after taking this

  21. Mia Russell

    The aroma and taste does remind me of the holidays

  22. BeefyBurrito

    i heard right wtf is one of the best

  23. DaRice

    u guys deserve a trophy for this shit

  24. blinker

    always check wtf at least once a day

  25. scoopdunk

    always check wtf everyday for any restocks or deals

  26. bayleef

    hurts to have to go through work without this

  27. bayleef

    always have this in the meantime while i wait for my next shipment

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