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Trainwreck – Wholesale



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Herbal | Lemon | Pine | Sweet | Woody
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Bipolar Disorder | Chronic Pain | Depression | Headaches | Inflammation | Insomnia | Migraines | Muscle Spasms | PTSD | Stress
THC Content: 20% Highest

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Trainwreck Wholesale

Trainwreck Wholesale earned its name and fame in the marijuana community for good reason. This exhilarating hybrid strain packs a punch that hits you like a train after just a couple of hits. A combination of two sativas (Mexican and Thai) and one indica (Afghani), Trainwreck is a mental roller coaster ride. While it’s mainly sativa-dominant (80:20 sativa/indica ratio), you can expect a mellowing body high in addition to a cognitive high that sparks imaginative and inventive thoughts.

Patients commonly turn to Trainwreck to relieve pain, PTSD, and stress. Despite its super high potency, this strain can be smoked comfortably throughout the day. Its long green leaves are accompanied by a pine/citrus aroma that’s unmistakable. When inhaling this strain, you’ll notice a distinct aftertaste of lemon, often accompanied by a slight cough.

Trainwreck is characterized by a heavy coating of trichomes, giving it a light green colour and sometimes a subtle hint of grey. So, if you’re looking for a strain that delivers a powerful punch of effects and a unique flavour profile, Trainwreck is a fantastic choice.

Sativa Strain

Sativas offer energizing and uplifting effects, making them perfect for daytime use. They boost focus, creativity, and productivity, making them popular for tasks requiring mental clarity. Sativa strains can also improve mood, relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. They provide a burst of energy and stimulation, fighting fatigue and promoting well-being. Some sativas may even suppress appetite, aiding in weight management. Overall, sativa strains are known for producing cerebral effects, like heightened alertness and creativity, making them a great choice for those seeking a stimulating and uplifting experience.

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1 review for Trainwreck – Wholesale

  1. Victor (verified owner)

    It genuinely alleviates my chronic pain and uplifts my spirits. The quality and price are simply remarkable!

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