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Vader Kush Untrimmed


NOTE: This batch of Vader Kush is UNTRIMMED

Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Texture: Sticky
Flavour: Berry | Fruity | Sweet
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Stress
THC Content: 20% Highest

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Vader Kush, also known as “Darth Vader OG” to most of the cannabis community, is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain that is a potent cross between the infamous Kush X Afghani strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 17-20% on average and potent primarily indica effects. Users describe the Vader Kush high as having an extremely fast onset of powerful body effects that build quickly and last well over two hours. You’ll feel lazy and a full body buzz at first before quickly accelerating into a full-body melt and complete sedation. Oftentimes users will feel themselves falling into an introspective state before fading into a deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these potent indica effects, Vader Kush is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain due to injury or illness, and nerve damage. Vader Kush has an aroma of peppery sour grape and a taste of skunk with a smooth sweet grape finish. Vader Kush buds are infamous for their rich dark purple nugs that are typically super dense and grape shaped with a spattering of furry dark red hairs and sweet sticky resin.

30 reviews for Vader Kush Untrimmed

  1. King James

    Some good vader kush, minus the extra leaves

  2. Perrier Fr

    If Anakin smoked this he wouldnt have killed all those younglings. Made me cough up a bit but decent smoke over all.

  3. SR20DETT

    In the world of cannabis, this would definitely be a dessert. This is very nice a sweet and you would smoke this after dinner to chill tf out

  4. Nathan Beal

    This is an excellent strain for those who like working out and enjoying the buzz keeps me pretty uplifted and focused and just in general puts me in a very happy mood

  5. Gil Hartman

    A very nice and versatile strain. It’s good for either going out or staying in for the day. Seems to be a nice balance between indica and sativa. All in all this strain is good for just about anything.

  6. Marija-Ana

    Been Long time fave of a hybrid, lipsmacking tokes with heavenly sweet exhales 😋

  7. Norman Simmon

    nice chill and energized effects, got me smilin and outgoing for real!

  8. Aidan Bates

    You feel relaxed and happy but not in a heavy way.

  9. Cole

    A very nice treat

  10. Ricky Santiago

    Keeps me focused while staying functional throughout the day which is amazing. My go to for wake and bake. 10/10

  11. Mackenzie Russo

    Felt high right away and had a burst of energy loving this strain so far for the gym and sports

  12. Callum Clarke

    Great flavor and long lasting high. Perfect for chillin and kicking back as i didn’t feel any sedative effects. Highly recommend for Chronic pain

  13. Shaq W

    This is pretty potent as the high kicks in super fast and lasts a really long time.

  14. Mischa Milne

    Beautiful head buzzz with one of the best body tingling highs I have ever experienced. Tasty and smooth with no harshness at all. Delicious in every way. Have another 14 gram coming my way as I type this!

  15. DavinaGranger

    This stuff is pretty damn dope!!!

  16. Jezztiga

    I always grab when I can . Nothing is as nutty and earthy as this variety and it makes you wanna eat everything. The smell is so earthy its a little funky. Never disappoints

  17. RaymondMoreno

    taste not to overwhelming and the high was outstanding.. definitely a creeper

  18. Gary Albertsons

    Heavy hitter for sure. This had me in my couch for hours 😩 loved it !!!

  19. EdwardWright

    This strain is better than any medication or pill you will ever get. Hyper relaxation, smooth high, head is pretty clear, one of the best indica strain you will ever smoke, believe me. Sleep like a baby

  20. AnthonyWilliams

    My 2nd fav indica-hybrid strain. Had never tried it before ordering and I was really impressed. Great high and really pretty nugs.

  21. Justin Tollenaar

    Definitely AAAA great taste and smell. Kind of weed that when you smell someone smoking it you want to be with them. Good for couch / sleep. A real treat.

  22. YannickMercier

    Very good

  23. jayrodbirds

    this shits good for knocking u out

  24. bob the builder

    top strain to smoke if you wanna sleep good

  25. pengypenguin

    thought i wouldnt like the untrimmed but its pretty great

  26. jiggylypuff

    slept like a baby with this shit

  27. mrenderman

    thought the untrimmed would bother me but i loved it

  28. Cayden V

    I like the untrimmed aspect to this flower adds a little spice to it

  29. spidieman

    only untrimmed one ive come across and i wish there were more

  30. Kevin G

    Not too shabby for untrimmed buds

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