8 Reviews

Mix & Match – AAA – Quarter Pound



Mix and Match the AAA Flower of your choice.

Quarter Pound

Pick 4 Ounces of your choice to make up to a Quarter Pound

8 reviews for Mix & Match – AAA – Quarter Pound

  1. Adam D

    A pungently pure amazingly indica. It provides the typical indica effects such as, relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and a great sleep.

  2. David Villa

    Great place to buy, easy payment, fast delivery and great product.

  3. Benema Jay

    Absolutely fantastic service. Selection. Packaging. Dense nuggets full of flavour and quick shipping. . . 10/10

  4. Ben Calister

    Really nice flavour. Burns nice and slow, use a filter if you don’t want sticky fingers.

  5. Coline Brian

    this strain helps with pain and always helps give me energy

  6. PenkeyD

    I smoke a lot of weed let me tell you this was a good high it relaxes you and let’s your mind wonder. will be ordering again

  7. Mr Frederick

    Very happy and uplifting high. Really chills you out. Good if you want to sit on a couch for hours and love every second.

  8. JackGrealish

    Very nice buds , great strain and well worth the money …….will not disappoint

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