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CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Afternoon Delight




Afternoon Delight is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the insanely delicious Banana X Schrom X Tangie strains. Although the exact sativa to indica ratio is unknown, this bud is beloved for its crazy delicious taste and absolutely delightful effects. Afternoon Delight will tickle your tongue with sweet citrus flavours that are accented by rich pine and skunky diesel. The aroma is very similar, with a skunky fruitiness that’s accented by tropical citrus and a pungent hit of diesel as the nugs are burned. The effects of Afternoon Delight are incredibly relaxing and calming in nature, exactly the strain you want for a lazy afternoon. You’ll feel an even head and body buzz that’s cloudy and spacey with a slight couch-lock and long-lasting effects. However, these effects are pretty mild in nature unless you smoke a little too much of this delight. These effects coupled with its medium average THC level make Afternoon Delight perfect for treating chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and depression.

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1g – $19.99, 3g – $54.99, 7g – $124.99, 14g – $229.99, 28g – $364.99

8 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Afternoon Delight

  1. BunsenBurner

    Really good for the price! Amazing citrus taste and very potent!

  2. Kdipizzo

    More like bed time goodnight

  3. Kevin Sarkar

    Very nice, not very solid but still good

  4. Legionberg

    This budder looks, smells and burns amazing. The high is great. Well the twice I attempted to smoke this anyway. Not sure what to think. The flavor tastes like plastic. Synthetic burning plastic . The smell overtakes the room when dabbed . I really dunno what it is or what is not purged but something is wrong with this product. Please get in contact with my wtfcannabis. I have emailed you regarding this order. I got an ounce of afternoon delight. Customer service was excellent up front. Shipping and package was professional and exactly what I would expect from a mom. This was my first time ordering from wtf and I was hoping to try more. I’m not sure what I got but there is absolutely no citrus here. There are no terpenes at all. Just a plastic taste. It leaves no residue on my rig. Burns amazingly. Seems like it should be a fire product , however, it tastes like plastic and is alarming. It does not seem safe to smoke. I would hope at least you folks can get in contact with me to explain what happened or what it is I am smoking or what we can do to resolve this.

  5. Sexxxyboy420

    I agree 100% with Legionberg. Synthetic plastic indeed.It’s gross.

  6. JimmyFatBob

    Gross. But more disheartening than anything. I’m low income and this was a tough decision to buy. Day after I ordered, I read on Reddit about a sour batch of budder. So I spent all weekend worried that my money was wasted:-( received my package after the weekend and tried it.

    Now in all honesty it ain’t unsmokeable 100%. Perhaps it is toxic or not good ya, I dunno. To each his own I guess. It has a distinguished taste and smell when burning. To me it reminds me of a smell of burning elastic bands. Just very unpleasant.

    So I guess I’m out a month supply of medicine. That’s on me. 2 things to conclude here. Number 1 is to WTF: check ur shit before u take people’s money for it. Number 2 to anyone thinking of saving some money and buying this. DONT. Look elsewheee! 7g of premium budder will always be better than 28g of something ur uncle bill could bake in his oven.

    Peace out everyone, stay safe, all love. Off to try yet again at another of the MOMs.

  7. Coffeetoffee

    Just recently bought and I found this budder was really potent and had a good flavour and burned smooth. I assume I got a new batch because its good to me

  8. Dude

    Felt worrisome thinking I’d run into same problems few others had with this product but knowing its been 2 years since those poor reviews were stated I thought I’d give this one a go and wow definitely was pleased with what I got. Such a delight it was!

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