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CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Jillybean


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This delightful cross of Space Queen and Orange Skunk hits THC levels of 18%, putting it in the upper tier of potency. The sativa/indica ratio is 60:40, a combination that creates an upbeat, euphoric head high with bursts of energy and creativity. CBD levels are very low, less than 1%, so this strain isn’t very effective at treating seizures. But it is good at treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and pain (including migraines). Jillybean has a strong, sweet taste and a smell of oranges and mangoes. It has a shiny, frosted appearance created by a dense layer of trichomes, with flecks of green and gold. The flavor, as the name suggests, is similar to jelly beans. Dry mouth is common, while dry eyes, paranoia, and anxiety are more limited. Jillybean is a great daytime strain, ideal for getting things done and staying positive. The high is bubbly and cerebral, though the indica genes deliver limited body effects. This strain is most readily available on the West Coast, in Michigan, and in Colorado. Jillybean is definitely a popular choice, mostly due to its strong sativa effects and mood boost.

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8 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Jillybean

  1. Mattusphere (verified owner)

    Nice wet but solid consistency. Dank but pleasant flavor

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    First time trying budder. I really love it, very easy to dab, put on a coil, really great flavor too. Powerful effects also. Can’t wait to try some other kinds

  3. francois (verified owner)


  4. kaven (verified owner)

    Hello I would like to have from you through a test laboroir document to have a clear heart on what I consume…

  5. Sideshow_Lali (verified owner)

    C’est du bon ptit Budder çà!! Merci ..Il sent frais , goûte bon ! Tout est là!

  6. Sideshow_Lali (verified owner)

    C’est vrai que juste un ptite Puff , pis je me suis levé pour faire mes tâches quotidiennes . Donne un bon high , et avec une descente douce et claire. 2-3 heures après t’en reprend une petite puff et hop c’est reparti .. Merci l’équipe , vous êtes des pros!

  7. Dabingdad (verified owner)

    From the reviews I’m going to say I definitely had a different batch. Yes very potent great high but bad taste that’s hard on the throat. Will maybe try again when a new batch comes it

  8. Ranni (verified owner)


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