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CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Purple Punch


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Purple Punch is the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome laden Purple Punch was born, smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. Purple Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.

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1g – $19.99, 3.5g – $64.99, 7g – $124.99, 14g – $229.99, 28g – $364.99

22 reviews for CG Premium Extracts – Budder – Purple Punch

  1. cannaban90

    Delicious Dessert strain after dinner for real! I’ll definitely wanna have this again. Good stuff

  2. James (verified owner)

    Dont let the look fool ya, this budder tastes and is amazing! The power packed punch of this budder left me in a couch coma! Lol

  3. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    Excellent budder. WOW

  4. Wane

    Wow! My favourite of the bunch I ordered, super terry and tastes great also gets me wrecked! Will definitely be ordering more

  5. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great taste, wonderful high. Love it

  6. Ohgr696

    I took this as my one gram free on top of my order of two 1/2 oz of Bruce Banner and the banana split…….. Truth is…… This my favorite….. Wish I got this instead of banner….. But the banner is great

  7. Pitadrops

    Exactly as described in the description.
    The flavor is one of my favorites!
    Again wtf!!! Has me coming back time and again for these fine tasty treats!🙂

  8. GanjaGoddess (verified owner)

    Rated for value ad taste, the taste is really purpley on this but not sweet
    Not as potent as the ak47 but would repurchase
    More strains please!

  9. Quazzyy001

    Very delicious taste I love it so much!!

  10. PuffMcGruff

    Over the moon good get your hands on it when it’s up!

  11. Kdipizzo

    This punch will leave you purple

  12. superdude2000 (verified owner)

    nice taste and strong high

  13. francois (verified owner)


  14. blake frawley (verified owner)

    tastes like youre smoking matches.

  15. Tbird109 (verified owner)

    Taste is very off. Tastes like rotten eggs or Sulphur, got 14 g of this. Not very good at all. Not what i expected, the other 14 g of the oz i got was alright though.

  16. James W (verified owner)

    Taste like matches, sent 2 emails to ask questions about other concentrates and didnt receive an answer. I should’ve wait for the new batch.

  17. Ranni (verified owner)

    very best

  18. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    Jai bien aimer, le gout est present. 2 hits au bong suffit.

  19. Dabingdad (verified owner)

    Definitely love this stuff and will get again great taste, smooth and amazing high. Only regret is getting 3 instead of 7

  20. TheBigRedRat (verified owner)

    Super strong and tastes amazing. Definitely one of my favourite concentrates on here, I’ve ordered it several times.

  21. Carezzzz (verified owner)

    Honestly I wasn’t expecting much at $20 for a gram, it was a gm to have just on hand close to payday. Well damn it definitely packs a punch at a great price and the taste was not bad at all!!!

  22. Bigbaz88 (verified owner)

    Wow,, my first time ordering here and also my first time getting sime really impressive concentrates lol, nice and tasty smells insane very smooth and the 1G free concentrate i got with it was duct tape shatter and it has no taste but smooth and powerfull too. Thanks

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