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Hash – Rolex


Hashish can be consumed by smoking in a joint, pipe, or bong; vaporizing; dabbing; infusing in edibles or hot tea; using hot knives; or mixing with shisha in a hookah. The options are endless!

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Hash – Rolex

Hash – Rolex. Hashish, or hash, is a concentrated cannabis resin cherished for centuries in Morocco, Afghanistan, and India. Makers collect and compress cannabis trichomes, preserving hashish’s potency and flavour. Each region’s traditional methods contribute to the unique characteristics of their hashish, reflecting its rich cultural history. Whether handmade in the Himalayas or produced in the Rif Mountains, hashish stands as a testament to its origins, offering a powerful and aromatic product.

Furthermore, the benefits of hashish are numerous, making it a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts. Firstly, its high THC concentration delivers strong and lasting effects with just a small amount. Additionally, its versatility allows users to smoke, vaporize, or cook with it. Secondly, many people appreciate its profound relaxation effects, which are ideal for unwinding or meditation. Moreover, it helps with chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety. The production process of hashish retains the rich, earthy flavours and aromas of cannabis, enhancing the overall experience. Consequently, whether for recreational or therapeutic use, hashish offers potent effects and a rich sensory experience, making it a timeless choice.


Rolex Hash, crafted from AAA+ British Columbian-grown weed, stands out among domestic hashes. Unlike traditional hash, domestic hash uses heat and immense pressure, creating a malleable, easy-to-use, and longer-lasting product. Hash artists begin with freshly harvested and frozen indica flowers. They collect and separate frozen THC trichomes, then press and stamp them with a seal of quality assurance. These pure THC bricks cure in cool, optimal conditions, developing robust, earthy flavours and a smooth, delicate smoking experience. Additionally, the terpene profile of Rolex Hash resembles West Coast strains like BC Kush, Master Kush, and Rockstar. An abundance of Caryophyllene terpenes ad

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21 reviews for Hash – Rolex

  1. Irunak (verified owner)

    Wonderful hash, fresh, soft with strong aroma. Potent effects, very relaxing yet also very stimulating for mind. Highly recommended!!

  2. khalubi

    smells coming off this one was amazing

  3. Grace L

    Yes!! They finally restocked this one 🙂

  4. MaGoo25 (verified owner)

    Clean ass shit WTF

  5. PsychoJuice

    Lighter hash with a smooth hit

  6. jackson

    i agree i highly recommend this one my back never felt so good

  7. Zyphyr

    A lighter hash than the others, better for newer users

  8. JustinBibo

    WTF needs more hype fr

  9. Luigee


  10. Suckapunch

    Got me standing like an NPC a little bit because I was so high

  11. Ironmam

    Just sipping this tea is not enough i need to fuck it

  12. vincent w

    deserves more love on this one than i see

  13. seanlikerice (verified owner)

    always running to this

  14. ZH34D

    good for before bed in tea or something


    This hash is my sanctuary in a chaotic world.

  16. SCOTTY


  17. SHOKO (verified owner)

    gonna force my friends to buy more of this

  18. wafflecrisps

    has a spicy kick to it

  19. Tia (verified owner)

    Good hash. I like to add it to my joint and it gets me flyingg everytime. Not as harsh as some other ones I’ve tried which is a good thing.

  20. OJ Pimpson

    WHATTT??? i can only buy 1g right now? that sucks one of my favorites

  21. ohjeezman

    not as good as the brand but not too bad 4/5

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