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Magic Mushroom Capsules – 50mg



50mg per capsule
*NOTE* It is recommended to take 2 x 50mg capsules per dose. 50mg is considered a VERY LOW dosage and one capsule will not have the desired effect.

Mushroom Capsules are a great alternative method for those looking to explore the magical world of shrooms. These easy-to-use and beginner friendly capsules are great for those looking to give micro-dosing a try. Micro-dosing involves consuming almost un-noticeable levels of psychedelic substances for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Many supporters of the micro-dose movement and those who have integrated the methods into their weekly lives report substantial differences in their levels of creativity, focus and energy, with many also reporting changes with mood disorders such as ADHD, depression and anxiety. With the levels required to be considered micro-dosing, users will feel zero psychedelic effects.

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19 reviews for Magic Mushroom Capsules – 50mg

  1. Bobafet

    Been micro dosing for some time now and having 150mg in the morning and another 150mg at night definitely helped me better my lifestyle. Quality and price on par with some other brands I’ve taken. 👍 👍

  2. zooter90

    These make it pretty convenient to start micro dosing. Need to take atleast 2 tho didnt notice any effects after 1 pill by itself

  3. Leo N

    These are really convenient to have when micro dosing! I take 2 pills a day (morning and evening) and it helped me keep zen.

  4. Chris

    I just started micro dosing again and I really like these ones! I find them super convenient and the pills are well made unlike other pill brands I have tried that break and spill open

  5. Tommy Texter

    OMG THEY’RE FINALLY BACK!!! I love these microdosing pills. So convenient and in really nice packaging too. You need to double your usual dosage though.

  6. Mel_86

    Yay! Thank you for bringing these back!! Quality pills and a great price.

  7. Sonny Johnson

    The amount of care and time put into the packaging and product itself is insane

  8. miasthegoat197 (verified owner)

    dont catch me sharing this with anybody

  9. Kyle H

    I love poppin these pills ❤️ microdosing ftw

  10. DoomedwithShrooms

    I would call myself a shrooms enthusiast and I love this one

  11. Buuccibroccili

    10 for $10??? thats a damn steal

  12. aria

    honestly a single capsule does wonders for me, a little goes a long way

  13. Arima015

    A friend recommended these to me and holy! These are amazing 🙂

  14. Tenko

    Pls listen to the note because I was tripping for hours….

  15. Nova Malloy

    Loving it 🙂

  16. Pook (verified owner)

    something to lifts ur spirits up

  17. Angelina P

    My boyfriend really loved this

  18. Zest bomb

    all my side hustle money goes to wtf

  19. A to the G

    oh yeah this shit is different

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