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Magic Mushrooms – Guadalajara Mexico



Dosing Chart
0.1-0.2 grams = Microdose (2-4 Hours)
1-2 grams = Regular Dosage (3-6 Hours)
3.5-5 grams = Macrodose (12-24 Hours)
5 grams+ = Heroic Dosage (24-48 Hours)
*Effects will vary per user

Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Guadalajara Mexico) is an old and rare mushroom strain originally discovered in the Guadalajara region of Mexico in the state of Jalisco. This central part of Mexico was home to the Cuyuteco people also known as the Cuyuteca, they were a tribe of people of the Nahua Culture. It is known that nomadic people hunted game in Jalisco’s central valley. We do not know how long this shroom has been around but we do know it’s been many centuries. Magic mushrooms growth has generally followed wild game as their dung has always been a place where mushrooms began growing.

The Guadalajara Mexico shrooms are characterized by caramel golden caps, sometimes a little darker and with slender stems that range in colour from golden caramel to white. Users reported medium potency but very shamanic and profound spiritual experiences.

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14 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Guadalajara Mexico

  1. Pook (verified owner)

    this one was way better than i inticipated

  2. Ethan M (verified owner)

    never too late for a good high

  3. Kenny

    Whole mushrooms with minimal dust. I haven’t tried them yet but I had to write a review on how beautiful they look!

  4. Arima015

    Quite a good one for a smooth grind

  5. stinge

    a dry one but is still rich

  6. Tenko

    It came a little crumbled but no complaints because the high made up for it

  7. connor wong

    make it feel like a vacation right in the comfort of your own bed

  8. eric campbell

    quite a name with this shroom but just as beautiful as the guadalajara itself



  10. Rizzisipi

    is it too soon to say i love you?

  11. chickenmuncher

    warms u up real quick

  12. Beckynextdoor

    damnnnnnnn this was hella good

  13. Wheezing weasel

    high hit me on the bus ride home and that shit was different

  14. Joël Desrosiers (verified owner)

    Very good taste

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