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Mix & Match – AA – Ounce



Mix and Match the AA Flower of your choice.


Pick 4 7 grams of your choice to make up to an Ounce (28 grams).

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7 reviews for Mix & Match – AA – Ounce

  1. color1999

    Since I’m new to the online market, I tried a few different different companies and I have found WTF to be the best by far, bar none. Very happy with everything I’ve ordered thus far and I love the packaging. Definitely my go to for online shopping.

  2. While1999

    Taste is unbelievable using . I love it

  3. Stephen2000

    These craft flowers ive always wanted to try and this deal lets me try assorted different ones which is awesome! already made a purchase for more!

  4. Adam Smith

    The deep green bud, the smell, the taste is all there. Very strong as well

  5. TomLee

    Overall pretty good experience. Smaller nugs but once you bust them up and grind them theyre all the same to me. The flavour, taste, strength are all superb.

  6. JessyJ

    This strain is better than any medication or pill you will ever get. Hyper relaxation, smooth high, head is pretty clear

  7. KellyDuong

    Mix and Match gives me the most intense highs every time. I can always count on this for an amazing sesh.

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