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So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Jack Herer



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Jack Herer Flavour
Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
Each package contains one 1ML Disposable Pen

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So High Extracts is a homegrown company located in Vancouver BC. Disposable Pens and Syringes made from high-quality sourced flowers from our local growers in BC. So High Extracts ensures their products are of the utmost quality. All our products are Lab Tested at 92% and greater. Our pens and syringes are solventless and are infused with natural terpenes and flavour.

36 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Jack Herer

  1. Bongnificent


  2. Comrade Ivan

    Woah I wasn’t expecting the pungent smell but the high was great

  3. Kush King

    my brother u guys know ur shit when it comes to making this

  4. Snoobert

    The high felt awesome

  5. hopeh210

    alway gotta have this ready to go

  6. LavaBear

    Not even half as good as the other stuff I tried

  7. Yeoj

    Helped me fixed my broken heart

  8. SlingingBeast

    i dont ever want to be apart from this

  9. Sleepypasta

    This product carries this entire site

  10. Jarrito

    Putting this in my body was the best decision I’ve made

  11. Rizzilicious

    You guys be right, this shit is hella good

  12. Jiwoo

    I can always count on Jack Herer to get me hyper focused and get the job done

  13. atomic

    makes me so eepy

  14. ashycashy

    never been dis high before

  15. LuceCooChi

    This shit will leave you with a good ass time

  16. flank ocean

    i never strike out with wtf

  17. tiffywiffy

    best one to get rid of any distractions

  18. Liam Lee

    A great one to get you on your feet to get things done

  19. taytae

    after the high hit it got me cleaning my entire apartment

  20. eve

    i often struggle falling asleep and when it’s so late at night you don’t want to use a hybrid so this indica dominant disposable is perfect to fix my problem gets me sleepy within minutes and then boom i’m knocked out for the night

  21. Eddiemonster

    one of my favorites always gives me a great high

  22. Samosa Daniel

    I broke my arm but after using this product i feel like winter soldier

  23. ChiliDog

    Holy smokes this is buss

  24. DropDreamer

    The Jack Herer concentration is an enlightening trip. Its spicy, piney flavour, along with a soaring high, sparks my imagination and creativity.

  25. Mikey Jones

    I’ve been using this for a month now, it keeps me on my feet and relaxed for hours

  26. watermeloncutter

    as u can see from my name, i love watermelons and this is just what i need on a sunny day

  27. baylor

    not afraid of anything anymore when i use a little of this for a confidence boost

  28. drakeagon

    instant noodles and high is so bussin

  29. RizzyMcRizzler

    wtf always got a place in my lil ol heart

  30. Rizzy Neutron

    Real reason I get through to the end of the day

  31. Rizzer After High

    Time to get high on my favorite products

  32. NIKO


  33. musubi

    keeps me from makin dumb choices just laying in bed living life

  34. zoinks

    cant believe this tastes so good



  36. Gabriel Young

    These pens sure due last what feels like a life time

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