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Magic Mushrooms – Penis Envy



Dosing Chart
0.1-0.2 grams = Microdose (2-4 Hours)
1-2 grams = Regular Dosage (3-6 Hours)
3.5-5 grams = Macrodose (12-24 Hours)
5 grams+ = Heroic Dosage (24-48 Hours)
*Effects will vary per user

Penis Envy (PE) magic mushrooms, a potent variety of Psilocybe cubensis, have a mysterious origin linked to Terence McKenna’s Amazon rainforest trips. Recognized for their distinct appearance resembling the male reproductive organ, these mushrooms have gained popularity in the psychedelic community.

Characterized by larger size, bulbous caps, and thick stems, Penis Envy stands out among P. cubensis strains. Their potent effects include intense visuals, deep introspection, and profound experiences, making them one of the strongest psychedelic varieties. Users should approach Penis Envy cautiously, especially if new to psychedelics, due to its high potency. Embark on a unique journey with these renowned magic mushrooms.

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20 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Penis Envy

  1. Whiterunguardcaptain (verified owner)

    Great for microdosing and a aftersnack for bong sessions.

  2. Paul VanDyk (verified owner)

    Disappointed again. Was a little tentative taking these after reading about the potency…Mild feeling that lasted only 30minutes. Not gonna buy again.

  3. kenjisama

    5/5 thanks.

  4. Devin Bayley

    Great for microdosing. My mood has drastically improved. I can see why this is great for depression. I will definitely get more.

  5. Kdipizzo

    Yes! Shrooms.

  6. Ethan M (verified owner)

    you guys deserve a huge trophy for the products you make

  7. terrinblaze

    not made for beginners but frequent users should try it out

  8. eric campbell

    been using these shrooms for a while and i will continue to love them

  9. milo80829

    not a huge fan of the name….but the shrooms are good

  10. connor wong

    um..weird name but super good shroom

  11. yomama34

    try dis one out cos it wont disappoint

  12. FAUXOR (verified owner)


  13. Anna Smith

    I’m impressed by the soothing effects this product has on my mind and body. It’s like a mini vacation in a joint.

  14. Ethan Clark

    This stuff has me feeling like I’m on top of the world. It’s a confidence boost like no other.

  15. KING BOB


  16. Army

    Lemme tell u something u don’t know: WTF is the place to be

  17. Bloody flickle


  18. Beckynextdoor

    might not be my first pick but shits still on my top list

  19. Muncher

    Eyes open wide when I first used this one

  20. Joël Desrosiers (verified owner)

    Not m’y best But is ok

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