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Magic Mushrooms – F+


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A magic mushroom favourite among experienced users for the vivid visuals it provides and strong body highs. It will grow medium-sized fruits and is higher in potency typically due to its density.

6 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – F+

  1. kenjisama

    big thanks im gunna try them tomorrow

  2. kenjisama

    5/5 seriously

  3. Ty Stick

    awesome time. great laughter. kind of hits in waves. backs off and comes back throughout the high

  4. Tab7879

    This is great. It hits like a truck amd just when you think it’s done, you realize how wrong you were.
    I would recommend this one especially if you like really strong ones.

  5. Keelan Hughes

    Great, very potent strain. Good visuals, and lots of philosophical insight. Overall a good time.

  6. Doctorb

    Really powerful, they kinda broke my brain a bit I think.

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